Herbal Pet Care 

We’re currently in the midst of an awakening in many ways, one being the awareness of what we’re putting in and on our bodies. Unnecessary chemicals, dyes, and fragrances are more often than not being linked to some very scary things such as cancer, chronic illness, and autoimmune disease. With this information coming to light, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore the fact that we need to start making better choices for not only us but for our animal friends as well.

Commercial pet care is a bit scary, especially when you’re hearing about dogs and cats dying from the chemical mixtures sitting on pet store shelves. You have to question every ingredient thanks to the lack of regulation in this country (US) and the new way companies are “green washing” everything being sold in stores. Companies go out of their way to use words that confuse the customer or falsely lead them to believe something is safe because there isn’t a government telling them they can’t do that. “Natural” is now on everything, but it’s not even a regulated word, so in all reality a company could label ANYTHING as natural and sell it. Let’s be real here, most of us are busy, we don’t really have time to sit and research every ingredient listed, so we’re kind of just hoping the pretty words they’re giving us are the truth..right? A company can mix together a whole slew of chemicals, but because ONE small amount is made from coconut oil, they can now say it’s “coconut oil based”. You see? It’s confusing and we’re on our own when it comes to making good choices for us, our pets, and even the environment.

We forget that all of those chemicals we’re using on our skin also end up somewhere else, in our water. Every time we rinse away what we just used, we’re pushing those ingredients back out into our environment for plants, animals, insects, and the ocean to soak up. Choosing to use “clean” products goes well beyond our personal health, it’s necessary for our beautiful planet as a whole.

When I first started studying herbalism (and I still am, I will be forever) I thought my focus would be to help people, as that’s what I saw all other herbalists doing. Once we added a new puppy to our home I began planning all the ways I could keep her safe from commercial products and I realized, this might actually be what I’m supposed to do, Herbal Pet Care. I love animals so much and always have. I have a house full (and a yard full) and I can’t imagine living a day without having a fur baby to love on. I’m sickened by what the industry has us feeding and using on our animals so maybe, just maybe, this is the path I’m supposed to go on.

My plan is to offer products that are simple, ingredients you actually know. I want you to read the ingredients and know that your pup is getting nothing but goodness. I’m keeping it simple with my main ingredients being herbs, oils (coconut, safflower, castor, olive, etc), butters (coco, shea, etc), apple cider vinegar, and absolutely no fragrances. I’m also choosing to not use essential oils as I feel they’re much too harsh for an animal’s senses/body. My herbs can do what essential oils can do (and so much more) without all the concentration.

I’m so excited you’re interested in giving your fur friend better options for their skin, health, and the world around them. Our dogs are our best friends, they deserve this!