An Introduction | She in the Woods


I wanted to put together a quick post to introduce She in the Woods before I start digging deeper into the subjects I love most. The entire purpose and goal of starting this blog is to hopefully open awareness to the small and big changes we can all make in our everyday to truly show our minds, bodies, and the planet a little more love. We are ever changing beings with dreams and goals that shift almost daily but I do believe there are key elements we should be sticking to no matter what. My hope is that you can pick apart the information I share and mold them into what you need them to be at this time for yourself and your family. It may be that you can’t implement much right now due to life circumstances and that’s okay! You’re here and that’s really all that matters.

I have a lot of strong feelings about a lot of topics and I expect to go through a lot them in this space. Natural health, “diet”, hormones, endometriosis, lyme disease, herb and plant medicine, detoxing your home, essential oil usage, sustainable living, zero waste ideas, and about 10 million other ideas, but you get the picture. Basically if you’re interested in living more consciously in every way, you’re in the right place!

While I don’t want to be a negative nancy, we live in a world of keyboard warriors and a lot of folk that want to make sure you’re being politically correct, so I have to go there for a moment to make sure I’m clear..hold on!

First and foremost, I want to be transparent and in that transparency I have to state that I KNOW my views and opinions are coming from a place of privilege. Not everyone (or many) can 100% delve into this conscious living thing I’m talking about thanks to the constraints of society. Your race, gender, environment, all of that plays the biggest role in your obstacles and I cannot/will not pretend to know about that. Despite all of that, I do hope you will find some content here that you can align with, even if it’s the smallest of things.

I’m going to say some things you probably won’t 100% agree with and/or cannot implement in your life. That. Is. Okay. What a boring world we’d live in if we all agreed to everything anyone has ever said. We’re all on different paths in life, eating different diets, implementing different beliefs into our everyday. Let’s not strive to be the same but to find the missing pieces that make us, us.

I’m a normal person. My punctuation will not be perfect, I’m not claiming to be a writer, I just feel called to share so here I am. If I say something that you disagree with so much it brings you anger, before lashing out take a moment to questions WHY that was a trigger for you. When we let others and their words get under our skin, it’s usually something much deeper than that stranger on the other side of the screen.

Herbalism and plant healing has played a huge part in avoiding medication and chemicals for myself. I want to share key parts of herbalism with you, but have to cover my own butt. I am not a doctor or medical physician. I am not here to treat or diagnose you. I’m simply a girl with a passion for plants who happens to be studying how to use them beyond looking at them. If you have a health concern see a doctor, preferably a holistic doctor, but a doctor nonetheless. Modern medicine has it’s place, I use it when needed, don’t be ashamed of that.

There IS a shop coming soon(ish)! I’ll be stocking it with herbal body care and teas at first, but will also be carrying other random items that I’ve made or that speak to me. I plan to make this shop as eco conscious as possible, so that means reusing and reducing in every way I can. Products packaging will be earth friendly whenever possible and I’ll be sourcing all herbs sustainably, whether that be wild foraging or ordering from an earth conscious (and fair trade) business.

A big fat thank you for being here. Seriously. I’ve been wanting to put this together for a long time but wasn’t sure if anyone would care to read. You guys made it very obvious you were interested, so here we are. I hope we can all learn from each other, in the end that’s my ultimate goal.

If you know of anyone local that you’d like to see featured on the blog that aligns with She in the Woods, please email me at My hope is to bring in others that can share their views on subjects I’m not 100% versed in. I also love supporting small businesses, so anyone out of the area is welcome too! This space is just starting and I can’t wait to watch it expand.