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con·scious : done or acting with critical awareness | a conscious effort to do better
- Merriam Webster

As a whole society has become completely numb to life. We're stuck in a rat race of work, collecting material things, listening to what "they" say is good and well for us. We're completely out of tune with our bodies, minds, and the environment around us. Conscious can mean many things, but for this blog and shop, conscious means making the deliberate choice to be aware of what our bodies and minds truly need. It's about making conscious decisions to not only better ourselves but to better the world as a whole. What we put in/on our bodies, what we fill our minds with, how we choose to deal with addictions that society has engrained in us, all of that can be changed simply by choosing to remain conscious and awake in our everyday. It's easy to become numb and accept the robotic life society has told us to live, but there are so many more possibilities if we'd only choose to remain conscious. 

I want to open up conversation surrounding our health, beliefs, food, and medicine. I want to make people think and to show that you can have more control over your life than you think by living consciously and putting forth the effort. I am not right and you are not wrong, we are simply humans living through experience and if we all could bring our experiences together, we could possibly live happier lives in a happier world. Once you know you cannot un-know and while you may not agree with everything (or anything) I have to say, you are still here soaking in other beliefs and experiences..and that, m'dear, is how we grow. 


About Me


Hi, I'm Ashton, the creator of, and the "she" in, She in the Woods. I was born and raised in Virginia, but Alaska is my true love, and where I'm at presently. I've been married to my best friend for almost 10 years and we have a whole slew of furry kids (a lot of feathered too!). We spent our adulthood living the regular subdivision life until one day we realized we wanted something more. Neither of us grew up living like this, but it's been an idea that's grown the longer we've lived here in Alaska. In 2017 we bought a small home outside of town surrounded by almost 5 acres of wooded land and it's been all the inspiration we needed to move ahead with choosing this fulfilling lifestyle. We heat our home with wood, raise chickens for meat and eggs, solely hunt for the meat that fills our freezer, garden, and genuinely enjoy living life a little more simply. As time has gone on it's become absolutely vital for my health and sanity to live this way and we hope to continue adding more to this little homestead we've started. I started this blog because I wanted to share some of my ideas, my health journey, and hopefully open up other people (especially those in our age group..ya know, those millennials!) to living life a little less conventional. Thank you for being here. ♥


Plant Healing


Since I was a small child I've always had health issues and have been in out of doctors offices like it was normal. I've had stomach issues from the start (around 2) and then once I hit puberty I developed endometriosis. At 25 I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and let's just say, it's been one thing after another. After hoping doctors would find answers for me basically my entire life, I realized that no one was going to help me, I had to help myself. I was introduced to herbalism around the time I was diagnosed with Lyme disease but it didn't really take root as an interest for myself until this last year. I enrolled in a 2 year herbalism program and have been on that journey since. Modern medicine has it's place but plant healing has been used from the very start of man. We've relied on plants for almost every ailment you can think of and yet, we've somehow forgotten that. I'm always amazed at how plants can work with our bodies if used intuitively and with knowledge and I hope to share some of those ideas here with you. The shop will be stocked with herbals to use on your body as well as teas. I hope to be a source for those that are feeling completely lost on where to start in their herbal journey, so please feel free to reach out. If I can’t answer your questions, I can help you to find someone who can.

Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.
— Serbian Proverb